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Spiritual Message of the Week

This week’s message is :-

Manners Towards Neighbours

High school English at UGC is more than just reading books and writing stories. Topics explored as well as teaching activities aim to inject confidence and analytical skills students will benefit from in the future. The English team is committed to facilitating, energetic student focused lessons that encourage team work and ingenuity.


In compliance with the Board of Studies Syllabus, teaching programs investigate   visual and written texts allowing the student to explore social and cultural themes that shape the modern world, together with the traditional skills of reading, writing, spelling and grammar. The core nucleus of our department is our united vision to:


  1. Instill the skills to analyse and decode messages that surround – drawing on techniques used by authors of any text, understanding subject matter and overall purpose.
  2. Form proficient and effective communicators, influential amongst their peers and in their future workplace.
  3. Scaffold, support and enhance creative thinking by facilitating engaging teaching activities on a lesson by lesson basis.


The English Team looks forward to the future and sharing the vision with students, staff and the parent body.