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Spiritual Message of the Week

This week’s message is :-

Manners Towards Neighbours

The role of schooling is to transmit a common set of beliefs, values, norms, and ways of understanding from society to its youth. UGC teaches Islamic values and practices based on the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s) to its students using a well-designed curricular.


The curriculum is augmented with practical components to help students translate theory into practice. The content is also presented in a manner which engages students as they confront issues occurring in their daily lives. Memorisation and understanding of the Quran, Islam’s primary source of legislation and guidance forms an integral component of the syllabus.


Arabic, the language of the Quran, is taught at UGC also utilising a well-designed curricular.  All four language skills, viz, listening, speaking, reading and writing, are developed during the course of the program of teaching.

The leadership program is unique at UGC with one period a week from years 7 to 10 dedicated to implementing a structured course focusing on leadership theory and practical application. The content is derived from contemporary leadership theory as well as the rich Islamic legacy of leadership practice.