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Spiritual Message of the Week

This week’s message is :-

Manners Towards Neighbours

 2013 marks the College’s sixth year of operation which in itself instils feelings of joy and gratitude in my heart and the hearts of my fellow Board Members. 

2013 was also the initiation of our senior years, with our first year 11 cohort preparing for their last year of High School! 

The perpetual support and commitment of the Unity Community, be it our friends, our families or our students is overwhelming and sincerely appreciated by the College Board.

We have all come together for one reason, one purpose and that is because we all believe in the same “Our Children Today, Our Leaders Tomorrow”.


Throughout 2013 the College Board reviewed and amended many Policies to keep with changing legislations and the rapid growth of the student and staff population.

Our efforts continue to focus on ensuring that the profile, skill sets and dedication of our Staff can serve the current and future needs of our School and the Unity Community.

We continued with our Organisational roll out in 2013 by appointing Mr Mohammed Taksim as the Deputy Principal of Welfare for years K-11 and Mr Osman Karolia as the Deputy Principal for High School Curriculum. Mrs Ola Issa joined our Management Team in the latter half of 2012 and in 2013 we witnessed the collaboration of our Executives which gave us the confidence to believe that we are not far from achieving the UGC vision we set out to achieve in 2008.


Staff Appreciation 

The College Board understands and appreciates that our Staff are key to the success of our students in their education, instilling in them the values and equipping them with the tools they will need to be “Our Leaders Tomorrow”. The dedication and passion of our staff is truly commended and in 2013 our team was as strong as ever.

On behalf of the Unity Grammar College Board I would like to thank you all for being part of yet another successful year at Unity Grammar College.


  Mr Khalil Hafza

  Chairman of the board

  Unity Grammar