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Spiritual Message of the Week

This week’s message is :-

Manners Towards Neighbours

Unity Grammar College is a private independent Islamic school situated in Austral, NSW and founded on the commitment of providing the highest quality of education for children in Kindergarten to year 12. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum and an exciting and unique co-curricular and extra-curricular program. Guided by its Islamic ethos the school aims;

  1. To facilitate an environment in which students develop a positive, outward looking view of the future for themselves, and the wider community through the pursuit of excellence in personal endeavours and achievement.
  2. To provide children with a Religious (Muslim) education that equips them with moral and social values that best prepare them to be active positive participants in the wider Australian community.

  3. To establish a place of learning and teaching that is safe and happy both for students and teachers alike, and that best reflects the needs and expectations of the community.

  4. To provide opportunities for students to:
    • Derive enjoyment from the learning
    • Enjoy success and recognition
    • Make a useful contribution to the life of the school
  1. To help children grow towards self-knowledge, self-discipline and self-confidence by developing an awareness of their needs, abilities and strengths.

  2. To teach respect for and tolerance of people and their opinions, irrespective of race, religion, politics, gender, social status and intellectual capacity and understand and accept the rights and  responsibilities of Australian citizenship 

Each and every member of the team at Unity Grammar College is a valued individual. A great deal of care and meticulous planning has been taken to ensure that all students and staff members work in a safe, harmonious and supportive professional environment.